What it entails to be an Alpha Affiliate

How it works:

The Alpha Aesthetics Affiliates Program was created for you as a loyal supporter of our brand to have your very own part of the business.

Not anyone can join the program, you must be selected and seen as someone who will fit in with our family. If you are chosen you will have the option to get garments before anyone else. You will get all the newest things at a hugely discounted rate and you will also be able to sell to all your friends or clients with your own link and discount code. It gets even better; your friends or clients will receive a discount but you will receive a commission on every single sale you make.

This being said, only once you sell R5000 worth of Alpha garments, will you have the opportunity to get garments for yourself at a discounted rate. 

You will be able to trace exactly what you sell and the money you make on your very own dashboard, so you know what you are doing is real and working. This will also help you see whether you are actually making sales or not and if there is anything you must do to up your game.